B.E.S.T International Congress 2016
Sabah Al-Ahmad Cardiac Center

Welcome message from the Chairman of BEST International Congress 2016.

It is with great pleasure that I invite you to the Bariatric Endoscopic Surgical Trends conference (B.E.S.T International Congress 2016) on the 8-10 May 2016 in Kuwait.

With the hard work of the organizing committee, An excellent scientific program has been created to shine light on the latest bariatric trends managed endoscopically and surgically. An international faculty made up of experts in this field have been invited to facilitate sessions and provide a hands on experience with regards to these latest trends.

We welcome you to Kuwait, the Pearl of the Gulf, which is a vibrant country that offers visitors the ultimate kuwaiti experience starting with its agricultural farms and deserts to its modernized city and cuisine.
I truly hope that you will join us in Kuwait for B.E.S.T International Congress 2016. See you all May.

Dr. Waleed Buhaimed

Welcome message from the Coordinator of BEST International Congress 2016.

It is an honour to bring B.E.S.T. meeting here in Kuwait. The objective of this meeting is to share the knowledge of the most experts Bariatric & Metabolic Surgeons in the world in order to improve the treatment of our patients. I wanted to welcome everybody, especially in the middle east region, to participate in this traditional symposium.

I am the founder of this annual meeting which started in Brazil since 2004. in 2010, We began doing this meeting overseas with great reputations.

2010 - Lisbon, Portugal
2011- New York, USA
2012- Guadalajara, Mexico
2013- Bruges, Belgium
2014- Maracaibo, Venezuela
2015- Madrid, Spain

I am looking forward for this special meeting here in the middle east to share our knowledge and new trends in the field of Bariatric and Metabolic surgery.

Thank you, 
Dr. Nilton Kawahara
B.E.S.T. Coordinator

International Guests Faculty

Regional Speakers

  • Camilo Boza - Chile
  • Nilton Kawahara - Brazil
  • Aureo De Paula - Brazil
  • Philip Schauer - USA
  • Alcides Branco - Brazil
  • Luciana El Kadre - Brazil
  • Antonio Torres - Spain
  • David Nocca - France
  • Waleed Bukhari - Saudi Arabia
  • Salman Al Sabah - Kuwait

Coordinator Of The Meeting
Nilton Kawahara - Brazil

Dr. Waleed Buhaimed

Co Chairman
Dr. Salman Al Sabah
Dr.Taleb Juma

  Venue Map

Sabah Al-Ahmad Cardiac Center